Reditus customers highly satisfied with the quality of the services provided.

The results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) carried out by Reditus in 2020 reveal a high level of global satisfaction, a result that is accompanied by the assessment of the various business areas of Reditus. A result that is even more expressive due to the impact that the Covid 19 pandemic had on the global economy and operation of companies.
The results obtained by Reditus in its customer satisfaction survey in 2020 reveal an improvement in customer satisfaction levels by reaching a global level of satisfaction of 8.3 out of a maximum of 10.
The results of the survey to assess Reditus' customer satisfaction show high levels of satisfaction, which demonstrates the capacity and agility with which Reditus was able to adapt to an unexpected reality that abruptly affected the economy and business activity.
The Covid 19 pandemic imposed on companies, changes to their day-to-day management and, in many cases, to their business models. For this reason, in 2020, companies opted out to choose and privilege partners with greater capacity and flexibility to provide solutions adjusted to new demanding business requirements.
The average level of satisfaction of Reditus customers, in 2020, was 8.3 out of a possible maximum of 10. This value results from a weighted average considering the results obtained by the business areas and represents a significant growth in the quality of Reditus' offer.
In terms of satisfaction by business area, BPO, Application Development and Integration (ADI), Infrastructure Services and Solutions (ISS) and Managed Services (MS) services stand out, with satisfaction levels between 8.0 and 9 , 0 in a maximum of 10 possible values, immediately followed by the Contact Center (CC) services also with high levels of satisfaction, above 7.0.
In an evaluation that intends to analyze 8 critical factors for the delivery of a superior quality service, the aspects that reveal a higher degree of customer satisfaction are in line with the objectives defined by Reditus in its business strategy, namely:
  • The quality of the results (8.5);
  • Degree of compliance with the defined metrics (8.3);
  • Degree of compliance with the General requirements (8.3).
Vasco Barbosa General Manager of Reditus considers that “These are extraordinary and highly motivating results, not only, because they reveal the quality of our teams and staff, but also because they reveal the capacity for adaptation and resilience of our operations in the face of an extremely critical period for the economy and for companies in general ”.
For Angelina Leal, Director of Quality at Reditus “The changes implemented in the operation model, the speed with which the company was able to do so and the quality ensured in the production and delivery processes, were essential for this result.”
The Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) is carried out every year by Reditus and falls within the scope of the company's quality management system as an essential tool for the management and improvement of its services and business.