The dynamics and the need to constantly raise the service levels of retail companies, following the evolution and sophistication of the customer and their consumption habits, impose constant challenges to its organization.

These challenges include offering the most suitable products to the preferences of its customers, but also, the ability to implement and keep active the technological infrastructures to support the business, the ability to respond online to customer requests and hire the necessary resources to maintain stores operating with the criteria defined by the company, among others.

Reditus has a long experience in providing services to retail companies, integrating various solutions such as those of technological scope, customer support services and business support.

Technological Infrastructure

  • Design and conception of technological architectures (systems, networks and security)
  • Implementation of technological architectures
  • Platform integration
  • Infrastructure consolidation and optimization
  • Managed Services - End-user support (Service desk and field support) and PC Management
  • Server Management - 24 × 7 monitoring of essential services, service optimization, access restriction, updates
  • Maintenance contracts

Customer support

  • Contact Center - Multichannel Customer Support
  • Complaints Service and Management
  • Support to delivery services - rescheduling of deliveries and delivery location

Operations Support

  • Support for employees - clarification of doubts and information on complementary products and services


  • Short- and Long-Term Assignments
  • Recruitment
  • Hiring
  • Training

BPO - Business Process Support

  • Payment to suppliers
  • Invoice check
  • Consumer credit
  • Management of guarantees and claim deadlines
  • Repair and breakdown management
  • Loyalty card management