Telecom, Media & Utilities

In the current macroeconomic environment, the Telecom, Media and Utilities sector is subject to pressures resulting from the reduction in consumption, and the increase in competition and technological innovation. These factors have affected the sector in different ways:

  • The telecom sector has over the last few years registered unprecedented historical revenue losses, alongside significant pressure to continue to make investments in wireline (fibre) and mobile (LTE).
  • The media sector has witnessed new consumer trends that dramatically changed the music, press and television markets with the emergence of over-the-top content delivery, exacerbating the decline in advertising revenue.
  • In the utilities sector, liberalised markets seem to have finally become an undeniable reality, creating new challenges that until today had been absent with significant impacts on current customer relationship models

It is within this context that Reditus' offer for the Telecom, Media and Utilities sectors is positioned.

The offer focuses on strategic and transformation consultancy, enriched with the products and services of the Group's various business units , with the commitment to generate maximum value for our customers. Based on two main pillars, they address the major challenges facing the sector:

  • The quest for higher operational efficiencies, aspiring to improve customer service quality and provide greater flexibility and aggressiveness in commercial offers through the release of resources;
  • The identification of new commercial opportunities, be it through efficiency or through innovation in offers, pricing, communication and campaigns.

Among the services that have allowed us to continually build stories of success and establish a growing presence in the market, the following are noteworthy (list is not exhaustive):

  • Initiatives within the scope of analytical marketingwith the objective of capturing unrealised value opportunities (e.g. elasticity campaigns; customer value management; retention-based customer segmentation models; social network analysis; pricing; …)
  • Market strategy and efficiency actions seeking to optimise and boost activity, from commercial channels to customer segments (e.g. channel segmentation and mix; commercial assessment and vitalisation; optimisation of commercial processes; …)
  • Operational efficiency initiatives with the objective of reducing the costs of operational processes (front/back-office) and improving the quality of the same (e.g. end-to-end optimisation of processes; organisational and incentive models; quality management and control models; continuous improvement; …)

Our success is based on a team of highly qualified professionals, with solid hands-on competencies acquired in leading companies in the most demanding international markets, as well as on proven methodologies adapted to each challenge that we face. Much more than simply executing projects, we invest in a culture of proximity and trust, supporting our customers in the conception of sustainable value generating solutions, thus building solid and long-lasting relations.